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tv   In Good Shape - The Health Show  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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wanted to be a d.j. . transit teenager i started playing tracks at birthday parties at first i just connected my phone to the loud speakers and realized that i like deciding what tunes to play from was i always wanted to be the host of the party making sure people had a great time i did that's how i really started d.j. . i did my first gigs in clubs in northern germany at the age of fifteen i graduated from high school i was seventeen then i really focused one hundred percent on my d.j. . it's pretty much all i take onstage with me my headphones is lifted even says felix his headphones and two u.s.b. sticks so i can start playing tracks any time i always carry a spare pair of headphones in my suitcase that means i'm always ready to go. to you just before. now it's time for that performance.
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he leaves in his will and if we're going to mean time felix again has become a business brand and. there are so many things happening around that and i'm involved in all the details sometimes i wonder whether at a chill more maybe i'm overdoing it a bit. this is. if you. want to do the high road from the first and second trial like this is the trick. now is arriving at the summer sound festival. thank you i wasn't i was a i think that nowadays different kinds of people are successful with music due to the internet. and when they were a lot younger now when i look at my colleagues they're all in their early twenty's and that's all because of the internet that we can upload our music do our own marketing and share our music music with good music always prevails.
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but you know i always get stage fright no matter how small or large the show is especially today this is lafayette i've never played her before she coaches tearing down the house right now it's only a fifteen minute change over and i'm the closer so anyone who doesn't like me can just go home that's what's on my mind before a show does either good again. i . today said lasts for seventy five minutes felix yang plays a mix of chart hits hip hop beats and lots of songs she's produced himself.
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time for some after show mingling with the crowd. and also to have used it as i think it's crucial to give some time and some love back to the fans who follow me and make such a huge effort to be here. i. salute takes the fun new songs they know all the lyrics and sing along great party they're in a great mood they forget about their everyday problems and it's a wonderful moment i love to share. nobody a cover of the eighty's hit by u.s. band rufus featuring chaka khan was really mixed by félix here and now british you tube star jasmine thompson sings the vocals the song has hit platinum twenty seven times giving him his second international hit. i
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just thought i would. like to go. through this job is this gun toting. blood love.
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charms around. the place but. maybe. stay tuned for more felix in this installment of top export extras. deejays at major festivals all. for the world but he lives in his small hometown in eastern
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germany. he grew up on the baltic coast and mettenberger. this is where he still feels at home with his family. when i come back home after traveling to all these huge metropolitan cities from this crazy lifestyle from all this imported overstimulation i can just kick back and there's nothing around here you can just gaze the fields it's just gorgeous peace and quiet that i need to recharge my batteries. so something. in the spring of twenty eighteen felix yen revealed that he's attracted to men as well as women in an interview for the weekly newspaper the d.j. described himself as bisexual and said he dreams of finding the person he can share his life with whether that's a man or woman. felix
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yet has been endorsing her city's bands since twenty six posing for the german car brand in brochures and visiting the team at a motor racing event in austin texas. even took the wheel himself for a commercial. the public feel it was pretty similar to the private lives because i'm not trying to give you. come up with. that i want to be young just. hasn't disclosed how much he earned through advertising only the powerful cars are part of his life and that he likes listening to classical music for relaxation while driving. the whole world of pop music on one facebook page d.w. music check out your favorite stars and the latest from the scene. jive with us into the pop unified. and follow us on facebook to see their music.
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oh. felix james has had a lot of great collaboration with singers in two thousand and sixteen he invited finnish pop singer your teen in to take the microphone for the truck bomb fire which even went platinum. the music video was filmed in bulgaria and it's hot stuff . you make me strong. love me.
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now close not just. me. but. some. music you. like the much. injury.
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reaching number one in the u.s. charts was something no german had managed in twenty seven years. with his remakes of cheerleader in two thousand and fifteen conquered the charts of the world's
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biggest music market here's the story behind the song. at the brandenburg gate. of course biggest hit the remakes of a song by jamaican artist is on the set list. the remakes of the song was commissioned in twenty fourteen to the producer. of course i was really pleased when the request came through it was a pie was amazed that such a large record company would get in touch with me. i really liked the song i thought it had a lot of potential a lot of people don't know the original it's a reggae pop tune from two thousand and twelve. and this reggae pop tune was only a hit in jamaica at first. then
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i told them hey send me the acapella track vocals i sped it up quite a lot over twenty beats per minute faster and i built a new track the remix around that. there's no trumpet in the original but physics for his remakes so he calls in. i was at the pool when my phone rang and it was félix saying hey how about it and i'm like sure i'll be home soon anyway i'll see what i can do i sat down at home listen to the song played it through twice and was pretty much done. so what was originally a reggae song became a tropical house track. was the studio people imagine there's
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a huge studio and thousands of co-producers but i just fed it all into my computer and mixed it myself with the trackpad and faders that was it actually for the mastering i went to the record company. and that was a huge honor getting to do the remakes back then but it wasn't planned to be such a huge breakthrough. plan does is. the single has sold eight million units so far doesn't have put him under some pressure. however manage another number one in the us that be especially if it were entirely my own song i keep trying to. have now produced a track together it's called masterpiece but it was a flop in the charts it seems success is not that easy to repeat. because we love it so much here's the cheerleader félix doesn't appear in it instead we get to meet the original singer who also became world famous after the
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remakes was released by for now and see you next time on pop export. other girls are tempting but i'm not even your god until you see. me. come from devil willing to feelings and i'm like seriously. think they are. great they really are. like come back. and smile. and not.
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come. back coming. to meet me do you think i'm pretty glad you feel. it was a think there's. think they are fabulous.
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maybe lucy gives me. the right. the be. the be. good. good. guru gabor.
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the be . the be. the be. the be. the be the be . the be. the big.


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